Current Policies & Terms of Reference

Standing Orders

The main rules governing the way the Parish Council is run.

Financial Regulations

The main rules governing the finances of the Parish Council.

Code of Conduct

The rules governing the conduct of members of Pembury Parish Council.

Publication Scheme

The rules governing information provided to members of the public.

Scheme of Delegation

A list of all delegated powers to committees and officers.

Complaints Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Press Policy

Reporting of Meetings

Social Media Policy

Learning and Development Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Risk Assessment

Privacy Notice – General

Privacy Notice – Staff, Councillors and Role Holders

Lone Workers Policy

Investment Strategy

Retention and Disposal Policy

Information & Data Protection Policy

Removable Media Policy

Risk Assessment


Terms of Reference

Amenities, Christmas Lights and Pride in Pembury (incl Public Relations) Working Group

Audit, Finance and Personnel Working Group

Environment, Environmental issues (including Allotments & Burials) Working Group

Planning and Highways Committee